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Add an OpenAPI specification to your documentation

OpenAPI is an API description format for RESTful APIs. The GDS Open Standards board recommends that government organisations use OpenAPI version 3 to describe RESTful APIs.

The template can extract endpoint information from an Open API v3 specification in a YAML file.

Amend the tech-docs.yml file

Add the following to your tech-docs.yml file:

api_path: path/to/file.yaml

This can be a relative path to a file in your tech docs repo folder, for example:

api_path: ./source/pets.yaml

This can also be a URL to a file hosted elsewhere, for example:


Amend the content file

Add the following line to the content file that you want to output the API information to:


You can specify individual endpoints to be outputted rather than all API information, for example::

api> /pets
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