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Table of contents

Update docs to use latest tech-docs-gem

Clone the remote documentation repo

  1. Open your internet browser and go to your remote documentation repo on GitHub.

  2. Select the Clone or download button.

  3. Select either Use HTTPS or Use SSH.

  4. Select the copy button.

  5. In the command line, clone the remote repo to a local directory:

    git clone [repo address]

Update the ruby gems in the documentation repo

  1. Update all ruby gems in the cloned local documentation repo:

    bundle update

    This updates all the ruby gems that your repo uses, including the tech-docs-gem.

    You should get the message Bundle updated! once the update is finished.

  2. Add all changes to the next commit:

    git add .
  3. Commit the changes:

    git commit -m "[commit message]"

    where COMMIT_MESSAGE is the description of the commit.

  4. Push the new branch to the remote documentation repo on GitHub:

    git push -u origin [BRANCH NAME]
  5. Review, approve and merge the changes in line with your service team processes.