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We welcome contributions to the Technical Documentation Template.

You can create an issue or pull request in the following GitHub repos:

You should check and document your pull request before you submit it.

  1. Check the repo to see if someone has already raised a similar pull request or issue.
  2. Test your contribution using unit tests, JavaScript tests and integration tests.
  3. Document the change in this documentation.
  4. Add a description of the change to the repo changelog if your pull request changes how the Technical Documentation Template behaves.

The Tech Docs Template working group will review your proposal at their next fortnightly triage session.

The team will then do one of the following:

  • accept your proposal but ask for changes before it’s prioritised for publication
  • accept your proposal and find someone to work with you to publish the changes
  • not accept your proposal and explain why

Projects that use the template

You can see which repos currently use the Tech Docs Template in the Tech Docs Template Ruby gem GitHub repo.

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