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Review your documentation


The technical documentation change governance framework (requires permission to access) is a set of guidelines for technical writers to follow when making changes to technical documentation.

You should follow these guidelines when changing technical documentation. These guidelines include advice on how documentation changes should be reviewed by the documentation subject matter experts.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities within your teams
  • establish and agree a visible pipeline of work to feed into your workstack, including actions from user research, product changes, new features, or corrections to existing content
  • decide which agile rituals you will attend with your teams, and agree how to get sight of the outputs of the meetings that you do not attend
  • agree internal change review processes with your teams for each change, including who reviews each change, how long it should take, and what types of changes are included
  • review and iterate the internal change review process periodically
  • tell your teams about the technical writer 2i process, and ensure that any agreed change review processes are compatible with this
  • agree a content plan with your teams in short, medium and long term
  • keep all governance simple, relevant and iterative through periodic review

2i review

The 2i process is a peer review and critique of technical documentation to ensure that all documentation meets the required standards.

Refer to the GDS technical writing 2i training (requires permission to access) to ensure that your documentation meets all required standards.

Submit a pull request

You can review existing documentation. You should propose changes to that documentation by submitting a GitHub pull request.

You can use the following template when submitting a pull request:

# Context

The background to the proposed change.

# What

What the proposed change is.

# Who can review

Specify who can or cannot review this pull request.
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