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Build a single page documentation site

You can create a technical documentation site that contains all of its content in a single page. An example is the GOV.UK Notify Java documentation.

This is suitable for documentation sites that have do not have a lot of content, and do not need to have topics split into individual pages.

Organise content files

  1. Create the content files for your documentation site.

  2. Amend your content files to ready them for your documentation site.

  3. Save your content files inside your documentation repo in your desired hierarchy.

Build your documentation site’s structure

  1. Go to the source folder in your documentation repo.

  2. Select the file.

  3. Amend the file.

    You can either add a partial line that references each content file that makes up your overall documentation site, or add the content into the file directly.

    The files must not have the same name as the folders that the files use partials refer to.

    For example, you cannot have a file that contains the partial partial 'support/contact_us' %>.

Add partial lines

In this example, you have three content files:

  • an introduction named in the documentation folder
  • a “Who is this documentation for?” section named in the documentation/introduction folder
  • a “Set up the API client” section named set_up_client in the documentation/introduction folder

The file would look like this:

title: "GOV.UK Technical Documentation"


This will build a documentation site with the following structure:

  • Introducution
  • Who is this documentation for?
  • Set up the client
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